At a time when international tours are not yet open in many parts of the world, Dubai opened an international tour more than two months ago and is close to success. The city management is wildly open not only to visitors but also helps to reopen events and see their safety. This year’s IPL tournament was also best organized by the city’s coaching staff. Issam Kazim, CEO of DCTCM, said that although the full recovery of foreign visitors may take a long time, they still expect to start construction in the fourth quarter of this year. Remove from the discussion:

When everyone in Europe and Southeast Asia saw that the tourism industry was open, Dubai jumped early and opened up to foreign tourists in early July 7. How did you do that?

In the meantime, I can say that the UAE Government and Dubai city officials have taken the necessary steps in time to ensure the right place from the start and ensure the safety of the individual and another. And, of course, we are very grateful to all the workers and their efforts to protect us in recent months, as well as to the two hundred different countries that live here, to be responsible for this new Covid system. . In addition, there are other requirements that people around the world see, watch and wear masks.

Dubai has open services and facilities, be it hotels, shops, beaches, public parks, and even water parks. How do these companies adapt to the new environment?

Museums, hotels, food and beverage stores, shopping malls, and other expensive stores have created a variety of health and safety solutions for visitors throughout the shopping center. As a full landowner, it’s important to make sure we have good reasons to build or recover quickly. Our airlines have started operations around the world and Emirates operates more than 80 locations.

Dubai in the Middle East is famous for its tourism. Should future health and safety standards be guided, do you think this area will increase?

Tourism is one of the most important points or sights we see in Dubai. When it comes to medical tourism, Dubai has always been a great place for that. And when you look at the good governance deaths that have occurred within the city, they have set up a pain committee under the new crisis and crisis committee. – Death. And it helped raise Dubai’s destination status. It also helped us clarify priorities, systems, and opportunities for global healthcare. According to a study conducted by the global HVS expert team, in the future, more than 80 percent of visitors will review their travel plans based on their reputation for providing other travel arrangements. It has become a new requirement for everyone to choose a product. Dubai’s tourism industry has certainly taken all the necessary steps to be responsible for the health and safety of all passengers from their arrival in the city to their destination. And the WTTC Safe Travel Dubai award has been confirmed. We want to ensure that all visitors to the city, whether they are tourists, whether for leisure or business, with their health and well-being at all times.

Although some of the 2014 IPL competitions were held in the UAE, this was the first time the country hosted a conference. The tension of the IPL is felt in India, what do you expect from the experience of this situation? Do you think this would be a great tool to make Dubai the world’s largest sports destination?

We’ve had parts of the IPL before and we’ve seen what that means. Although the IPL has come to India very strongly, it has been a threat to other countries and India has done an amazing job with it. For us, this is the first time the tournament will be played entirely in the UAE. We welcome you this year, knowing that more than a billion people are watching it. And just by showing good relations, we are sharing India, which is an important market for us. This link is not only a place to visit, but it is an opportunity to show our cricket, but also to show how the city works best. And BCCI’s confidence in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai, is undermined in every effort to ensure that visitors and citizens feel safe in everything they do. The city does and does. Cleanliness and safety. Thank you so much for hosting the IPL, especially when we have so many Indian citizens.

IPL is a good start, are you ready to do a lot of such things, not just games, but a lot of life in the post-Covid space? If so, where is it located?

Dubai was one of the first cities in the world to be successful not only in providing entertainment but also in live events. We have seen incredible progress at the amazing Dubai Summer Festival recently. Thanks to the series of events, the house can be a fun place to see the stars of the world as they walk several safe paths, including rules for changing the public to ensure their health and well-being. Safety of participants and athletes. . We recently found the famous author Jimmy Carr who bought the first night, opened the second night and sold, opened the third night, and sold and edited at a high 30%. The local Laughs Factory group has made nine films and several sports around the world. According to the Indian audience, we had Sonu Nigam, who recently played at the World Trade Center in Dubai. We are now looking forward to a busy time in the remaining months of 2020 with our game in Dubai, which will be new next week. In addition to the Dubai Shopping Festival, an important introduction to the Dubai calendar is, of course, what began before Christmas, almost on December 17, and ended at the end of January. We just want to go through the many events we do on the other side of town, including arts, culture, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, culture, and traditions.

What about Dubai tourism now? How does 2021 love you?

It’s nice to see a comedian return to Dubai. We have opened several facilities, services, and control services with strong security measures. The year 2021 is a very important year not only for the city but also for tourists. 2020. It runs from October to March 2022. Of course, Dubai offers opportunities for dinner, shopping, museum research, cultural sites, or creative design. And in two hundred different countries, holidays are celebrated related to the Russian market, the Chinese market, the Indian market, and the Dual Festival. So there is something for everyone and visitors who come to Dubai to celebrate with other guests. We are aware of the problems that exist and I am sure we will overcome them.