# 1 who are you and how would you describe yourself?

My name is Alex and I am passionate about traveling and writing. My wife Lisa and I spent a year on vacation to visit the country – this event meant a lot to the two of us.

Now in the UK, we are building a blog called Career Gappers that encourages many to spend time at work and equip them with the tools and skills they need.

# 2 what was the reason you left?

I have always been curious and curious. I grew up in a multicultural family in Europe and West Africa.

As a teenager, I had my TRAVELER first experience traveling in Europe through Interrail. This introduction to the search for new cultures and places asked me about the world. The lust grows.

# 3 what is your favorite place in the world and why?

In terms of national beauty, Patagonia is without a doubt the most exciting place I have ever been. We traveled in the area for several months during the holidays, usually on foot.

We often spend Lisa’s time outdoors, but we found no other comparisons to the snow, sea, mountains, and waterfalls of Patagonia. One of the main reasons we want to travel is to be free from the activities of our lives, and no one has had such a perfect and satisfying bond.

# 4 what is your guest?

I am an avid traveler who wants to pack as much work and dive into the local culture as possible.

I don’t want to hit myself in any traveler group. For example, I am not a “beach man” or a “city man”. I am always open to new events and I want to explore my travels as much as possible.