While consumers expect last year’s highest quality and cleanliness, they also expect a second level and urgency. No one wants to do too much to do the job. In the context of this technological work in today’s world, Kaushal Satam is aware that inefficient digital technologies and technologies such as wireless charging and parking have exploded as it is now difficult for consumers to handle them. . In the interview, Satam talks about the different tourist groups that emerged after the epidemic, the reasons and changes related to travel, and what the industry needs to show to create modern, consistent and uplifting times. Who wants to travel?

Will we now see travel permits for less frequent but defined business trips?

If a large number of companies promote the creation of WFH in mid-2021 or before the end of the year, do you believe that business travel prices will rise? Does it affect the taxes of other departments such as airports and hotels?

Our research shows that business trips do not usually return to the plague before 2022-2023. This has a huge impact on airplane and hotel taxes, as a large proportion of tourism products depend on the traffic of the most productive companies throughout the year. Average tax rates will rise following a recent announcement by the center, allowing airlines to reduce their selling prices by 30 percent. There are hotels – especially in big cities – that depend heavily on car rental costs and threaten congestion and the need for permits. We see different groups of tourists emerging after illness for changing reasons and travel needs when we talk about this. We expect that by the end of 2021, wind power will be 80 percent of the pre-epidemic situation. We also expect the aircraft to register 7075 percent of cargo during the year. These numbers can increase rapidly during medication, restoring confidence during the trip. Domestic travel will continue this year, while long trips abroad will be canceled due to various travel restrictions imposed by some countries – these restrictions are likely to fail. They were canceled while the virus was under control. In the midst of uncertainty, customers want to be flexible and at a price that offers an easy exchange.

How do planets like Zoom and Meets affect business travel?

In 2020, companies will move to a new disease that uses smart technology – the changes in Zoom and Meets will do business as before. They quickly realized that production did not participate even without physical integration.

This tells us that these companies are sure to find that travel is valuable and worthless. Travel rules are also changing, forcing stadiums and hotels to renew their business contracts to attract customers more benefits and flexibility. Although the company is progressing slowly, it will take a long time to return to the same hidden position. This change will make room for new technology and create opportunities for collaboration between hotels and airports. Together, we see that airports and hotels sell tourist destinations to manage flights and countries, but perhaps business trips.

How can the technology of other stakeholders relate to trends and solving arduous journeys?

These brands give consumers a real sense of security and safety – from passports, digital passwords, and independent digital communication to hotels without help, exercise, biometric and digital fees. Design a fleet of non-future aircraft to prevent direct contamination by using UV lamps to clean the surface and powerful chemical detection systems that reduce the risk of infection during the voyage.

In the future, passengers can rely on security, transport systems, and hotels. Modern technology must provide players with real-time and clear communication and a silly and effective way to address their concerns. With analytics, mobile devices can easily analyze customer feedback and streamline their services more efficiently. Automation not only lowers prices but also helps provide faster and more targeted services. In particular, it allows the system to function fully while preserving a remote area of society.

It is also important to address the main “safety and hygiene issues” that may affect mobility by changing communication systems, jointly developing protocols, and setting industry standards.

Airlines, Hotels, and Transport Companies work together to create the perfect products for the passengers they need?

The Department of Tourism, domestic and international retail organizations, and designated companies have already worked with travel agencies to change products and deliver packages tailored to different travel times. Therefore, when visitors consciously search for anonymity, we also want to look at how we can combine product vendors, new locations, and local information to make more commitments as we move forward. This requires airports to deliver their Nirvana keys, regardless of whether travel providers want to intervene on their routes. As mentioned earlier, the normal and high seasons can be redefined if people focus on their journey to avoid hunger. This will allow the local economy to create more sustainable tax opportunities instead of relying solely on the upswing. As an industry, we need to focus on appropriately concluding contracts and promotions, even on high-level travel, to increase the profits of the actors needed. Flexible layouts and shutters offer free customers who have to take care of many communication areas such as stadiums, hotels, and events. While partnerships between airlines, hotels, food, and beverage service providers, and transport companies are important to promote free and easy travel, the industry is committed to involving the credit card network and banking communities. . Pay and introduce a type of loyalty.