The construction of the locally affiliated Veer Savarkar International Airport could be completed in June of the New Year, which is on the side of the capital. Work continues to construct a new international building at an estimated cost of $ 417, the team said.

Veer Savarkar International Airport’s Jameel Khaliq told PTI that 83 percent of the construction of the new airport building has been completed.

The heads of airport managers in India have set a special date in June 2022 to finalize this plan.

Once the new facility is completed, cooperation will be established with UDAN (Ude Desh and Am Nagari), which is expected to strengthen unprotected and low-income ties in India.

And again, this agreement will provide islanders with new employment opportunities and will make a significant contribution to the current employment of the islands. The program has garnered a lot of interest from large airlines and start-ups due to high costs and incentives and three-year operational rights due to the CRC (Regional Connection Scheme) system, the program announced.

The combined airport, with an area of   40 square meters, can accommodate 1,200 passengers in some areas – 600 passengers and 600 passengers.

The shell is like a house inspired by nature – the shape of the sea and islands. The ceiling height is between 18 and 32 feet.

The building will have three floors. While one floor is used as the starting area for work, the other floors are used for the airport and entry points, as well as the global waiting area.

Other facilities include four stadiums, ten elevators, and six passengers, twenty-six inspections, a bag carrying system, three-speed conveyor belt, and two national and one international, divided by the slippery glass.

The space also includes easy access, easy navigation around building doors and lines that work in simple waiting areas and shops with 100% lighting 12 hours a day. It was played by top players.