Safety has become one of the B2B TRAVEL hottest issues in the automotive industry in recent years – and especially since it started, its cessation of movement and potential has created an opportunity to bring about new change from now on.

Consumers show great interest in different areas – environmental, economic, and social.’s next report is the 2021 report, which is based on a study of 30,000 people in 30 countries and found that 45 percent said the disease has traveled them more in the future.

And many transportation companies are aware of this excitement and the opportunity to recognize their brand and operate at low prices. In recent weeks, brands such as CWT, Accor, Singapore Airlines, Intrepid Travel, and Tour Radar have announced a new plan to control, store, pay for air pollution, and more. Last week, Brazilian airlines announced a $ 1 billion Lilium joint venture to launch the electronic aircraft.

But what about corporate stability in B2B companies – which are not directly focused on players, but provide systems and services to ensure business continuity? Get the latest Belvera coach quotes:

In its report, Belvera searched the websites of 350 B2B travel companies around the world for stops, reports, samples, or other important information, including information.

Surveys show the lack of sustainability of the B2B transportation companies surveyed – or rather the need to disclose their status in this regard.

The report found that only forty -five percent of the companies surveyed had short-term marketing on their websites – or similar terms such as community or social responsibility. Very few (24%) have policies associated with their website, but very few (17%) have some type of “record-keeping”.

“If a company can’t show its documents, one of them will intentionally do it. Our data shows that the worst things can be expected. 83% of our team will still receive a preliminary report,” Roman Townsend said. , CEO of Belvera Partners.

“While this practice has a clear goal, it is impossible to take steps to hurt the business economy: banks may not lend money, B2B partners recognize consumers and consumers – then start voting the employees.”

Of the 12 percent of B2B travel, airlines have the largest share of private companies (42%) or the highest defined B2B travel network. The company (89%) – even on average it goes down easily. looking for endless information.