Buckingham Palace is a charming place in the UK and many visitors visit the heritage reserve. One of the most exciting things to see here at Buckingham Palace is the care event, which has been suspended at this time due to illness. But now he is back in 18 months.

The ceremony was thrilling and saw the Royal Guard join another new guard. The guardians of the Queen have a duty to Sits. James Palace and Buckingham Palace. The first wall change travel meeting took place at Whitehall Hall. However, until 1689. The Assembly moved to St. Louis’s. Luis. James Palace after the center was changed to St. James Palace.

The change of outposts at the end of 18 months was done by members of the 1st Cold Stream Guard. The festival attracted many visitors who were banned from attending meetings to spread the virus. The Queen did not attend the final event at her Scottish home in Balmora, according to summer tradition.

To his delight, the military team Golden Ballet Spandau sang, is one of the dancing clubs in honor of successful Olympic athletes at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.