Good news for Indian travelers who want to visit the UK! From 1 October, UK passengers will no longer have to go to India to take an expensive RT PCR coronavirus test. The British government sees this as an escape route. In the future, the United Kingdom may impose a medium-term ban on its yellow group. Now that India is part of the Yellow Program, PCR testing is likely to end.

The United Kingdom is divided into three areas: red, yellow, and red. And as mentioned, part of this amber can be distributed from October 1st. It is not clear whether prophylactic drugs are acceptable to Indian tourists. The world does not think of the creator of Covishield’s. Although AstraZeneca is the most widely used drug in the UK and the Indian drug Covishield’s produced by the same serum center, the UK government has never approved the drug in India.

Under UK law, if a person has not been vaccinated in the UK, US, or Europe, they must be banned and tested for PCR on the second and eighth day of arrival. But India expects it to be increasingly difficult to visit Britain from 1 May.

At the same time, India wishing to visit Britain must follow the following rules:

1. RT-PCR testing must be performed 3 days before the ascent.

2. You will arrive in the UK to travel and take the PCR test a second time and return on the eighth day of arrival. All these tests must be prescribed.

3. If a person has been vaccinated travel in India, his or her stay at home must be canceled within 10 days. The law does not apply to those under 18 years of age.

4. Children under the age of 11 do not need to be checked before traveling. They will be tested on the second day of arrival.