Twelve Indian tiger observers have proudly achieved global tiger certification/status (CA | TS) to maintain a good tiger. These stocks are Assam Manas, Kaziranga, and Orang, Satpura in Madya Pradesh, Kanha and Panna, Pinch Maharashtra, Valmiki Bihar Time Reserve, Uttar Pradesh National Park in Dudhwa, Sunder bans in West Bengal, Parambikulam Kerala, and Tamil Tamarnal Reserve N Tiger Reserve.

CA | A set of TS rules for assessing the survival of managers. This paradigm shift created by tigers and environmentalists was officially launched in 2013. The organization’s main goal is to create resources for effective ecosystem conservation and research into local shopping malls. It is related to maintenance.

In India, the protection of tigers became important under the Indian Tiger program in 1973 after a ban on tiger fishing in 1970. In 1972, the state wrote an article about the tiger and discovered the tiger in the world in 1827. In the same year, India introduced the Wildlife Protection Act.

Depending on the 2018 population, there are about 2,967 tigers in the country and about 223 tigers have been caught by the camera. Selected tourist destinations are also part of the tourism industry.