The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a symbol of the country’s desire to travel abroad, followed by Pompeii and Mount Fuji. Luxury data provider Kuoni uses search data to reveal foreign identities from every state Google searches for. Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, and the Great Wall of China are also on the list of American historical places.

Luxury goods maker Kuoni revealed that the Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark that many Americans want to see, forming a list of twenty-one states.

Despite ongoing COVID-19 infections, online surveys for world-famous monuments have fallen by 20% in the past month. In stark contrast to finding the land the US wants to succeed with google, Kuoni analyzed search data to reveal another landmark that Google had previously searched for in America. It does this by ranking in the monthly search rankings for each landmark and removing every city mark in the United States.

The Eiffel Tower of Paris, famous for its love and gifts of love, is a famous landmark in America. Riding in search of other notable landmarks, the iconic cultural icon has found marks for 42 percent of US states, including New York, New Mexico, and California all data taken from google.

Google Landmark people want this

1 Eiffel Tower, France 21

2 Pompeii, Italy 16

3 Mount Fuji, Japan 4

4 Great Wall of China, China 3

5 Machu Picchu, Peru 3

6 Taj Mahal, India 1

6 Stonehenge, RA 1

Pompeii went on to become the second most famous landmark in 16 states; with Texas, Montana, and Ohio among those who want to travel to ancient Italy more than any other brand. The excavated city covers excavations from the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79, with a focus on the daily lives of its inhabitants. Called a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it receives 2.5 million visitors annually and is the fifth most popular site in the world.

Japan’s famous Fuji Mountains have appeared in four states including Colorado, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Rhode Island, ranking the third most popular. Mount Fuji is often regarded as one of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains” and other UNESCO cultural sites, as an artistic inspiration and attracting tourists and travelers from all over the world.

Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and Delaware were eager to visit the Great Wall of China; the solid and sturdy wall system built over 500 years ago is the largest wall in the world. The wall traverses the Chinese countryside, offering tens of millions of people spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and vegetation each year has been part of google search.

Machu Picchu, a Peruvian architect, is considered the best place for Florida, Arizona, and Utah, and is the fifth most popular state in the United States. Built of dry stone walls, this 15th-century tower is considered one of the seven wonders of the world, as it was discovered in 1911.

The mausoleum sits on marble, the Taj Mahal is on the sixth floor as well as the old British monument Stonehenge, chosen by the state. The Taj Mahal, which translates as “crown palace”, was inaugurated in 1632 as a tomb and is an important symbol of Missouri, with the British archaeological site at ancient Stonehenge designed with tall monuments and a list of necessary tours. Vermont. .