For those looking for a vacation in Hawaii, your dreams will come true! One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Hawaii has announced that it will be accepting tourists on November 1.

The announcement was made by state governor David Ige on Tuesday. He wrote on Twitter and tweeted: “I am encouraged by the ongoing process of small cases of COVID on our island. Our clinic is doing well and seeing some patients. This gives us the ability to move forward with our economic recovery and embrace safety.

The state will allow travelers and businessmen to visit the island. The governor also said that they would look into the issue of the island and the hospital as well as the health and safety of the residents.

Initially, the governor encouraged travelers in Hawaii to delay their travel time due to the outbreak of COVID-19 on the island, but that didn’t stop the state’s “Safety Tour” program. Under this program, home visitors can be excluded if they do not see proof of immunization or proof of a negative test.

In his tweet, the governor added, “We are continuing to seek information from the federal government on international travel plans and we will have a comprehensive plan on November 8th.”