To facilitate travel within the country, Iceland has lifted all COVID-19-related restrictions, including all border-related restrictions.

This makes Iceland the latest country to end all pandemic-era rules and regulations. According to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, travelers visiting Iceland are no longer required to present a negative RT-PCR test report to enter the country.

Iceland will welcome travelers regardless of their vaccination status. The government said: “No disease prevention measures will be taken at the border, whether people are vaccinated or not.”

In a statement, Iceland’s Health Minister William Þór Þórsson said he might be happy with the move, but the government is urging people to be cautious and take personal infection prevention measures. The government also advises against interacting with others if they notice signs of COVID.

Previously, travelers to the country had to provide proof of a vaccination carried out within nine months or proof of a booster vaccination. The government has also sought to lift all restrictions on social gatherings and lift quarantine requirements for people who have tested positive for the virus.

Israel plans to welcome unvaccinated travelers next month. France, on the other hand, is waiving all pre-departure testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers.