According to recent reports, India has decided to extend the current ban on international scheduled flights until October 31st.

The decision is made amid the ongoing pandemic, which remains a global problem. The news follows the publication of a circular from the Office of the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation. The circular also states that this suspension does not apply to DGCA-approved international and cargo flights. A declaration by the DGCA states: “The competent authority can approve international scheduled flights on selected routes on a case-by-case basis”.

The DGCA has suspended the suspension of international scheduled flights compared to the previous year. since the beginning of the pandemic. Last month, the suspension was extended to September 30th.

Read the circular: “In a partial amendment to the circular of 6/26/2020, the competent authority has extended the validity of the above circular on international trade services to/from India to 11:59 pm IST from October 31st., 2021 This restriction does not apply to international cargo flights and flights expressly approved by the DGCA, ”the press release said.

Currently, international flights between India and international destinations are operated based on bubble agreements. The country is connected to 18 countries around the world and airlines operate flights with the full COVID log.