Pablo Segarra grew up in the middle.

As a child in the Bronx, he often listened to his grandparents describe his grandparents’ home in Puerto Rico. They talk about the food, the weather, the people, and everything else that makes it such a great place. Though knowledgeable, when you hear these stories, Segarra also feels like a guest in the United States in Puerto Rico. Until she grows up and realizes that she can act as a bridge for both of us through her company, The Latinx Travel Club, and help others connect at their roots.

The two got together and formed a free conference with the aim of helping plan trips around the world for those who wanted to connect with their family roots. But it’s a useful idea. According to the National Tour Association, Hispanics spend more than $56 billion on tourism each year. Hispanics, on average, travel twice as much as non-Hispanics annually and more than $300 per trip for non-Hispanics.

However, the universe has other plans for Segarra and Watson. COVID-19 hits them as they retire and their dreams seem to fall apart, but there’s no way to stop this train. The past did not allow Segarra and Watson to present their ideas on major digital platforms that included their website and social media platforms that made the Latin American experience in all its glory.

“Michael and I said, you know, there’s something here. We’re doing our best for a thousand years. We’re using social media,” Segarra said of his need to create a page that they thought would reflect “home”. Travel is rarely seen.”

To date, the duo has collected more than 150,000 favorite songs. By doing so, they discovered that the followers were not only social workers, but also a group of entrepreneurs, creators, and different aspects of what Latinx meant. But now they’re gathering a huge crowd for the inaugural Latinx travel event, a three-day event to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month and provide Latinx entrepreneurs in travel, advertising, technology, and startups.

Segarra said that our first Latinx travel conference brought together one of the youngest, most diverse, and rapidly growing companies in the world to celebrate the intellectual and innovation of Latinx entrepreneurs,” Segarra said in an emailed statement.

Over the three days of the event, events will include discussions, meet and greets, local seminar opportunities and speeches from UN delegates, travel exhibition guests, and more. Or, as Segarra puts it, “like SXSW for the Latinx community”.

To ensure that this event reaches its full potential, Segarra and Watson donate a portion of their proceeds to support local charities and nonprofits 501(c)(3) Nexus Latinx, which provides college Latinx education opportunities for students to dive into the culture. tour.

Segarra said, “the travel industry is emerging from this major disease and is looking for ways to grow successfully.” “We can develop it together. We can blow it up together.”

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