The United Kingdom government said on Monday that it had warned many private companies after a price and status review to conduct medical screening of fake prices for HIV tests.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHSC), more than 80 companies issued a double warning and removed it from the public service warehouse if they failed. Advertise their prices properly.

He also said that these companies are regularly checked to make sure the prices are accurate and the service is good.

According to the department, more than eighty-eight companies – nearly 18 percent of the data – were shown to have lower prices than those available on their website.

The trial was opened with a generous response to the promotion of Covid-19 teaching when it returned to the United Kingdom from abroad. Depending on the origin of the migrant or the origin of medicines in the United Kingdom, the government requires several tests, one of which must be done within two days of their return.

“The independent search industry can’t attract visitors, and current trends continue to improve the quality of this woman,” said Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

“We will also announce a review in this area this week to ensure compliance with NGO policies and a high level of clarity.”

Companies will be removed from the state register if they do not act within three days after receiving the demonstration warning, DHSC said.

The Competitiveness and Market Authority (CMA) is also investigating the market, concerned about the high cost of PCR testing.

Earlier this month, DHSC announced that the price of the government-sponsored tests had been reduced from $ 88 to $ 80. 136 pounds for the two tests.