When we were in the middle of a planned visit or started an expected event, Tripadvisor┬«, the world’s largest travel agency *, announced a partnership with developer and retailer Anonzwa. Cooperation creates better mobility. Guests can enjoy an unprecedented library of different originals, audiobooks and podcasts, and the Trip Advisor plus Trip Triple, which provides guest guides. From the moment you open your popular Guestbook and visit, introduce international destinations, understand the border tourists who inspire you, and celebrate amazing things you can see, buy and eat. Joe New York.

Details and benefits of integration

This partnership will then allow visitors to bring their favorite music during the next tour until November by clicking on one of their mobile phones. No more heavy suitcases or broken books on the yoke!

  • All U.S. members and current members use the exam: $ 30 per year for Tripadvisor Plus *
  • Tripadvisor Plus Version: A 90-day trial of Sounds Plus
  • All Tripadvisor users: 30-day free trial of Audible Premium Plus

“The teacher guides visitors so they can find a good place to visit and hear from people who are interested in good news and all the good travel friends. We are very happy to give Tripadvisor users a chance to share their purpose. Travel and other stories from parts of the world Jane Winston, Reasonable Business Development director.

About Tripadvisor

The teacher facilitates the process, no matter what kind of trip he needs. , Inc. support is their own and has a database of website and business traffic types.