Airlines, including Emirates, American Airlines, Air China, and many others, have confirmed their participation in the World Development Summit.

In less than eight weeks, World Airlines will meet again at Milan International Stadium.

The event is expected to be attended by more than 105 aircraft, participating in aviation negotiations and results of public and network meetings supporting the development of air connections.

As millions of projects are tracked by a powerful transportation system, the World Championship brings together stadiums, stadiums, and decision-makers from elsewhere to identify solutions.

Telecommunications industry officials appreciate the unique opportunity offered to the world and airports and their affiliates.

“Our ability to continue to mobilize decision-makers in public means that the roads continue to disrupt spiritual services around the world; discover about three new opportunities for five hundred souls. And those meeting events have taken place over the past three years, ‚ÄúSteven said. Said. Mudiki, traffic director.

“The number of planes participating in the Milan World Championships and the age of the stadium underscore the importance of individual meetings to help overcome the consequences of this disease.”

In addition to the meetings, a work plan was drawn up that worked; senior pilots, along with Ziff Verdi from Wizz Air and Joerg Eberhart from Air Dolomiti, will give speeches highlighting the performance of these pilots.

Social programs that include friendly hospitality and festive evenings support the stadium, attract visitors and customers to boost new businesses, and upgrade airlines.