In February 2020, COVID-19 Mondelēz International changed the level of security around the world in four main steps. Mondelēz International is launching a three-stage license that requires the approval of industrial and regional defense forces.


After some time, BCD saved all the local network tools (OBTs) and upgraded to a new system called COVID-19 Travel Authorizer, a solution for BCD guests. Players still use OTT depending on dates, times, and players, but the web department faces losses. Players must be transferred directly to an external team representative. BCD generates daily reports to review all subsequent reports and resolve any issues within a specified time or practice.


With endless information and output, BCD makes sure all players get where they want to go. The Security Committee shall be aware of the movements of all staff, including departures, arrivals, departures, departures, information, and hotels. Employees feel safe knowing that their company puts the safety and security of employees first.