The world’s first Warner Bros. Hotel will open in Abu Dhabi in November.

According to government updates, the hotel will start hosting guests from 11/11/2021. Hotels promise guest experiences and stories and stories for loved ones. The hotel also shares film history and offers 360-degree views of the city and ocean. Guests can also have fun wearing Warner Bros costumes their favorite. movies and TV shows.

This restaurant is located on the famous Yas Island, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi. The new hotel will also open the world’s largest indoor garden. Visitors will see a digital mirror replaying films from Warner Bros. bookstore.

For lovers of iconic sitcoms, the hotel has a well-known source of music for the show. It was built right at the front of the building and has a themed column in the living room.

The hotel has 257 well-appointed rooms, each with its own story. The guest house is designed around three topics, the first is “From Script to Screen”, the second is titled “Artist Secrets”, and the third, “The Vault” in Abu Dhabi.

The hotel has excellent dining options offering guests a delicious menu. Matinee is a restaurant with a pool next to the pool, Club Director is great food, and Sightseeing is a beautiful resort with an endless pool.

There’s also a Looney Tunes-themed room service, where Bugs Bunny caters to himself. For younger guests, there is a Kid’s Club, where children can play.