To address the problem of global travel among COVID-19, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has introduced an IATA Travel Pass.

It is a digital solution for travelers who want to show their vaccinations, recoveries, and clinical studies to the authorities every time they travel. IATA Travel Pass is a mobile application that helps travelers save and manage all types of COVID-19 certificates.

Says IATA and press releases. “By informing passengers of tests, vaccines and other precautions they need before travel, data on where they can be tested and empowering them to properly distribute test and vaccination results, to safely and confidently rely on their governments to express themselves “.

Not only that, this app will help government officials verify the accuracy of the test or vaccine. It will also help the airline provide passengers with accurate information on what tests are needed and whether they meet the necessary travel requirements.

This certification will be internationally and internationally recognized and will provide travelers with accurate information on test requirements.

The application contains the following modules:

1) Medical Needs Registration: This will enable travelers to receive travel information, tests, and vaccinations necessary for their trip.

2) Test and vaccine registration: Assist travelers to obtain pre/arrival checks and vaccinations.

3) Laboratory Equipment: Offers medical laboratories the ability to issue travel test results or immunization certificates.

4) Passport Application: A digital passport that examines vaccination/passenger tests performed by the regulatory authority, then distributes the results or other vaccinations to the authorities.