Beijing China is preparing for the winter Olympics of 2022.

Even in the event of an emergency, the country has decided not to host an external audience at the moment. The news was announced by the International Olympic Committee this week. Only Chinese exhibitors are allowed. The games are scheduled for February 4, 2022. However, Chinese observers should be pleased that COVID-19 requirements are discussed.

The group wrote: “The IOC and the International Committee of Eligible Persons] have decided to sell China publicly. This encourages the growth of winter sports in China and brings popular winter sports to Olympic and Paralympic spectators as well as a nice spot on sports fields.

Anyone involved in the games and the community will understand, the team is moving forward. But COVID logs are needed to protect everyone.

According to the IOC, all players who have not received points must register within 20 days of arriving in Beijing. China has announced its acceptance of any drug approved by the World Health Organization or other international organizations. The IOC also states that everyone in the trap is tested daily. The announcement comes after China recently announced that 79% of people have been vaccinated.