Following a multi-million dollar change, Sandals Resorts International (SRI) has unveiled plans for its all-new Nassau, Bahamas shoe resort Royal Bahamas Sandals.

Designed to re-celebrate the Bahamas spiritual festival with a locally inspired experience and a focus on modern methods for luxury, the company will reopen its successful restaurant, spa, and island on January 27.

“We pursue luxury and pursue the spirit of the Bahamas backward to deliver fantastic experiences, which make love easier for us, as we would like to say,” said SRI President Adam Stewart.

“From a new town of pastel-colored houses to Coconut Grove, our new resorts and resorts, to our desert island that has been transformed into a love affair, every minute, every highlight including guests experience and expertise, this is a beautiful place.

“We look forward to welcoming guests to the new Nassau and Sandham Royal Bahamas.”

Stewart’s initiative for the Bahamas royal shoe has been reinvented in a project for nearly three years and is part of the organization’s overall plan, to showcase a unique Caribbean location where Sandals Resorts works on design, and offers luxury products and services.