While many countries across the country, including India, are looking to take back their tourism industry, there is good news coming from Spain.

According to data collected by the National Statistics Office (NSO), the number of foreign tourists visiting Spain in September quadrupled compared to last year, reaching 4.7 million.

Along with current data, Spain is expected to return to its pre-COVID foreign passenger numbers in 2022, which increased next September. The Spanish Minister of Tourism Reyes Moroto said: “These data support the resumption of international tourism and that we could have the state of disease by 2022 by 2022”.

It should be noted that around 80% of the Spanish population is vaccinated, which makes it a relatively safe place to visit and to protect its citizens. Additionally, Spain does not require a valid COVID-19 certificate or vaccination proof for public places. Tourism in the city is one of its largest industries and had 8.8 million visitors in 2019 as soon as COVID reached the world.

Spain is hailed as the second most visited tourist destination in the world and has many interesting attractions, including beautiful architecture, beautiful beaches, endless parties, unique culture, and desirable natural resources. With tourism currently booming in the country, this may be the only cash lining the global travel industry has been waiting for.