Thai government has announced plans to pay travelers’ salaries by 2022 to support tourism-related services. The city will charge 500 baht (around 15 USD) for a travel exchange rate that will focus on eco-friendly sightseeing. Continuing to talk about new developments, Thailand’s tourism governor Yuthasak Supasorn said their goal is to get 5 billion baht in the first year.

The governor said: “These projects should be coordinated and the government should fund projects that can create an economic impact. Other costs will not affect travelers because we want to focus on better markets.” We hope this investment will support a change in national tourism that creates a safe and clean environment. “

However, the amount of money to be collected from tourists arriving in this city has not been decided. The government plans to set up a committee to decide how the project will be displayed and whether it is eligible for funding. New developments are coming as Thailand is slowly opening up to foreign tourists. Thailand has opened up to foreign tourists by introducing various travel programs such as the Phuket Sandbox program and the Samui Plus and Koh Samui programs.

To make things easier for tourists, Thailand cut special time last week, allowing full-time tourists to travel anywhere in Thailand after seven days. Initially, travelers could not move for 14 days. Those wishing to participate in the sandbox program must have an entry certificate and insurance certificate to cover $ 100,000 in a potential COVID-19 treatment. Guests will submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours.

Thailand plans to welcome foreign tourists to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ranong, and Chon Buri from November 1st.