The UK government has welcomed the Covishield vaccine to a firm advisory facility. According to the British government, ‘The development of four vaccines, such as AstraZeneca Covishield, AstraZeneca Vaxzeveria and Moderna Takeda’, qualifies as approved vaccines.

However, that does not mean that India will not have to separate people for ten days. That rule remains the same. Even if you can be vaccinated with two Covishield vaccines, you will have to exercise ten days after arriving in the UK. But why is that?

According to the British government, there is a vaccine problem. The UK appreciates vaccine certification from specialized countries with public health facilities. Unfortunately, India is not on this list. Indian immigrants, though on the Amber list, have to clean up for ten days because of this. The issue of vaccines seems to be a major problem here. India had previously protested against the rejection of Covishield vaccines by the British government.

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan had earlier stated that Britain’s rejection of the Covishield vaccine was discriminatory, and indicated that it could be held accountable. We will now wait to see if there is a holiday for Indian immigrants in the coming days regarding the exclusion involved.