The UK has announced that following the success of the booster programs and vaccines, all testing requirements for fully eligible vaccines have been removed. According to reports, the new rule will take effect from 4 a.m. on February 11.

Fully vaccinated travelers only need to fill out the simplified Passenger Locator Form (PLF) confirming vaccination status, contact details, itinerary, and individuals, according to the statement released by Britain’s High Commission in New Delhi. Take an extra day to fill it out before you travel.

However, people who are not identified as fully vaccinated must undergo a pre-vaccination and PCR test within the second day of arrival in the UK. For the return journey, all persons under the age of 18 are considered fully vaccinated, regardless of their vaccination status.

Therefore, all testing measures for fully vaccinated travelers traveling to the UK will be withdrawn from 4 am on 11 February. The move comes as the government takes another step to reopening the travel industry. The latest announcement is expected to provide a lasting solution to the impact of COVID-19 on UK tourism and the UK economy.

London will reportedly add 16 more countries and territories to the list of recognized vaccination certificates, including Mexico and China. With this, the total number of recognized vaccination certificates will reach 180. Please note that all South Asian countries are included in this list.

The UK has also said it will reduce travel restrictions for unvaccinated people. From 11 February 2022, those who are not fully vaccinated will only have to undergo a pretest and PCR test on the second day after arrival in the UK and complete the PLF. You only have to isolate those who have tested positive.