Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, shopping

The problem seems to undermine the expanding market, which has 4,000 shops, 65-year-old streets to its credit. About 15 million visitors come here every year, making it one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. While some artisans have fallen under the tourism mortgage, the debt and maze are still paying off. Explore downtown, the shops that usually sell tea, pottery, and clothing, but make sure you invest time in the outer ring and that the locals still sell gold, clothing, and bracelets. (Alex Segre / Alamy)

Izmailovsky Market, Moscow, Russia, Shopping

Entering this market is like entering the Walt Disney World theme park. It’s a little world after … Built like a kind of Russian park, full of fancy boats, a painting like Kremlin and a mix of famous buildings. While it may seem like a traveler, locals come here too, to see floral products covering everything from Soviet kitsch to Uzbek fabrics, wool, and fur, and a vintage camera and a matryoshka doll version. . (Andrew McConnell / Alamy)

Brooklyn Flea, New York City, Shopping

Brooklyn Flea built the bazaar in the 21st century when it opened in 2008, launching New York‘s best-selling market for artists, crafters, jewelers, furniture, and artists. During his five-year career, he helped launch the work of many local designers. So if you want to know what awaits you, read about the vendors who meet every Saturday in the Fort Greene or Williamsburg area of   Brooklyn. (Kate Glicksberg)

Jaffa flea market, Tel Aviv, Israel, shopping

After all, the city of Jaffa in the nineteenth century is one of the most beautiful cities in Tel Aviv. These include the Jaffa flea market, which has been operating since the Ottoman period. On the narrow street, you can see funny voices, screen-printed shirts, and various antiques, antiques, and Judaica. (PhotoStock-Israel / Alamy)

Panjiayuan Jiuhuo Shichang, Beijing, China, Shopping

If people in Beijing tell you to go to Hong Qiao Shichang to buy cheap pearls and pegs, don’t listen. What you need from the Chinese shopping experience can be found early in the morning at Panjiayuan Jiuhuo Shichang, also known as Stool Market. Every weekend, vendors prepare antique sets, a beautiful teapot, ancient Mao monuments, antiques, and more. Come ready to move. (Robert Harding Image Library Ltd / Alamy)