From Sunset Boulevard to La La Land, plus Velvet Buzzsaw’s Netflix satirical art world, the show presents Los Angeles as a mecca for those seeking creative success. But the nature of the story being told can be as difficult for visitors to understand as discovering the Hollywood landscape.

The Museum of Death is located on Hollywood Boulevard, just down the street from the Walk of Fame and the large Viacom venue. With nearly a million visitors to the museum, visitors come to see these objects – including the clothes of the Secret Gate of Heaven, the Charles Manson blanket, and a taxi cab of wild relics – often don’t understand the surrounding area as a beautiful place. . . Three films and television were introduced.

“Tourists ask,” Where is Hollywood? ‘” said Erek Michael, director of the museum.” We will tell him that Los Angeles is a traffic zone for a reason. Everything is far away. When the camera turns on, they can show Santa Monica, the pier, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Hollywood. Burbank. It’s amazing how different the whole area is. This is the bubble. “

Hollywood – and Los Angeles in general – can mean a lot of “little things”. Although Los Angeles refers to the city itself, many use the name to refer to the Los Angeles area, 4,850 square miles, and 88 cities each including major cities and worlds such as Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Burbank. and Pasadena. According to a recent Wallet Hub survey, the region is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse regions in the United States.

Given the large population, it means the arts and culture here could spread faster beyond the old Los Angeles collection – even at the expense of the Infinity Room which supports Instagram on Broad, Levitated Mass, and LACMA and Van Gogh Collection i – edu. at the J Paul Getty Museum; the museum attracts more than three million visitors every year.

Located in the Palms area west of Los Angeles, the Jurassic Museum of Technology is now the gold standard for the city’s unique museum, proving that curiosity from this period can draw visitors and continue to benefit from them for no more than 30 years. . advertising expenses. Their website is intentionally not clear for their purposes.

However, their unique ability to seamlessly blend fact and fiction with supernatural bats and astronomical dogs won the MacArthur Foundation Grant to researcher David Wilson, which offers special funding for “creative, efficient and most influential networks of influencers. World of life and peace. “

Wilson, who describes the Museum of Jurassic Technology as a “museum museum”, wants you to question the accuracy of his exhibit and why we built the museum of things The museum doesn’t appreciate it so it’s very easy to add tea. free to add to the conversation.

“We talked about it often; I don’t think there is a place in the world where the museum could be other than Los Angeles, “he said. For some reason, I came to Colorado in the mid-1970s. When I arrived in Los Angeles, I thought it was fantastic. It was a terrible place. I’ve felt this way for about seven years. I think my understanding of the place has changed from physical to mental. I think for me, and for the museum, it’s the nature of LA. much. “

In downtown Los Angeles, Velveteria is a treasure trove of black velvet art, a creative process where images are drawn directly onto the velvet, not the canvas. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2005 by Carl Baldwin and Caren Anderson, the late Anthony Bourdain, anointed Velveteria, claimed his No Reservations exhibit in the collection was “professional” as was “Every Day of My Life Will Be Drunk”. A maelstrom of misery without it. “referring to the 1980s performance of The Star A-Team Mr. T. (Going back, Baldwin says he should give the celebrity chef the image.)

Baldwin and Anderson moved their collection from Portland to Los Angeles in 2010, to a store specially selected for its proximity to the “Los Angeles” museum series, within walking distance of Broad and MOCA. It’s a kind of local artistic revolt, close to these museums, but still close to Tijuana, Mexico, where Baldwin often provides advanced craftsmen.

Although critics criticized him as the ringleader of cultural arts and that would be the end of his career writing about it, Baldwin saw a collection of 3,000 paintings, including pop cultures such as David Bowie, Hillary Clinton, and even the news. by CNN reporter Anderson Cooper in a thong, because everything on the walls of the museum is long.

“I had the fool to do it,” he laughed. “I don’t know why no other museum has dared to approach [this type of art] wisely and respectfully. That’s why I have three minions here,” he said while providing photos of Moe, Larry, and Curly.

“These artists need a cake! I think with these pictures, I can explain the story, what happened, in a way that people can accept. I don’t care about political controversies or anything like that body.”

This applies to all regions with local symbols.

“It’s a lost story from Los Angeles that no other museum will be affected by. But it’s not the elephant tower, so it’s up to the people. Forget it folk art. But rock ‘n’ roll too, like jazz.”

But after the enemy’s Instagram experience (Velveteria doesn’t allow photography; the Death Museum and Jurassic Museum of Technology don’t), how will curiosity change on your next visit? This is a problem that many Los Angeles museums are still struggling with. For the Neon Museum of Art, however, that meant a lack of interest in the city’s history, giving their company the support of neon art and wine brands from across Los Angeles.

But teammate Eric Lynxwiler explained that Lili Lakich and Richard Jenkins’ goal in founding the museum in 1981 was to connect other “Los Angeles” neon artists. This was their ongoing mission, using the seal to teach a lecture in a room next to them in the Gaelic valley. As the museum no longer accepts neon symbols as a possible art form, Lakich and Jenkins will be creating their exhibition.

“Neon and Los Angeles go hand in hand,” said Lynxwiler, a tourist from the museum Neon Cruise, a tour that offers visitors the city’s neon lights. “The world of neon art is small and everyone knows each other. For example, if someone is exhausted or looking for ropes, they can call the neon artist in the next area and see if something is up.

Building a community for this particular museum is a common topic, through government programs, such as the Velveteria art class, or by providing opportunities to find others interested in similar topics. Although museum producers JD Healy and Catherine Shultz debated for years about staying indoors until their jobs were established, they made sacrifices because they had a clear vision they wanted to share with people of one mind.

A museum is a dark place: it has a room full of corpses (and for the truly confident, a video explaining the inclusion process), a show of fallen human heads, and a mouth chamber full of pictures. . To them, it reminds them that life is short and must be lived, even when the end is inevitable. In a city known for big dreams, the story is not much different from the stereotype of actors moving to the city in search of a “big vacation”.

“I wanted a quiet place,” Shultz said. “We felt at the time. I wanted to walk around, someone else could come and tell you ‘what’s wrong with you.’ Come here, and you will be safe.”

Healy said, “There are a lot of ordinary things out there.” They will give birth to you when you die.

It’s a concept Baldwin reiterates, saying that his motivation for starting Velveteria is to bring incomprehensible joy into people’s lives – a process he considers rare in the younger generation. Through the metrics, he saw the success of the museum. After all, it’s a magical world where Elvis, David Bowie, the one-horned doghouse, and famous Los Angeles icon Angelyne gather on the same wall.

“I think we need people who want to know more,” he said. “People need to know… I started this to make people happy. All I want to do is entertain them, and show them what they don’t see … We ran and had a lot of fun. I think this is the key. “